About Us

We are a christian rock group serving the Lord through words and music. To glorify Him by making modern joyful noise, we rock for the Lord !!

Lead Singer – Robert Orndoff

Robert Orndoff-Band leader is a singer-songwriter based out of Central California. Although his background and experience of writing music and singing were in the secular world, Robert has recently discovered and is actively involved in “Celebrate Recovery”. Celebrate Recovery has changed his life and his music. He is now writing music and singing for the Lord.

His music reflects his love for God and how working for God has helped to deliver him from his Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Ups. The words in the songs he writes come from his heart as they are true life experiences.

Disciple 13’s music is a mix of Classic Rock with Christian Rock. It is lively, some songs can be loud but with an exclusive Disciple 13 message, while others are soft with an intense message. Some comments from people who have attended his concerts include:

It was awesome! I loved every song!! I thought my name was in a couple of them that’s how much I felt the songs. God is awesome and they [Disciple 13] are planted in Christ and will be used by God.

How funny life can be when you are down, then God brings it all together for you. I could feel Him all around me while the music was playing, His love for us never dies, it just keep’s growing every day.

Steve Jones – Bass Guitar

Steve “Judge” Jones has been playing the bass guitar most of his adult life. At one time he made his living playing in casinos in Lake Tahoe, Reno and all across Nevada. He was baptized in April 2004 and has been playing at church functions since. He received his nickname of Judge as he was a hearing officer in the Labor Department for the State of California for over 15 years. He has retired from State service and spends all his focus on church and family. He has been married to his lovely wife Liz and has 4 children (Natalie, LaDonna, Mikey, and Gerald) and is proud to be called Grandpa Jones by his grandchildren Berlyn, Frankie, Aubrey and Little Mikey.

Doug Frost – Guitarist

Born in Fresno in 1969, I grew up in the central valley of Fresno Ca. I started out as a drummer but soon discovered that lead guitar was cooler. I got my first guitar and amp from a pawn shop downtown at about 12 years old and started learning songs from records and tapes, there was no YouTube back then.

I spent years playing in local bands that never really went anywhere. But eventually found my way closer to God’s plan for me; using my God-given gift to rock the music off in church!

Nate Grisby – Drummer

Nate Grisby is a follower of Jesus Christ. He is the son of a pastor and grew up in church. He still serves at his father’s church where he honed his God Given skills as a premier drummer/percussionist. He has taught and been involved with drum corps and as an assistant music teacher at local high schools in the central valley of California. Nate is the backbone of Disciple 13’s Funk/Rock sound.

Randy Robinson

Randy Robinson has been involved in music all of his adult life. He has made his living a professional musician, along with going to school to get his teaching credentials.He is a music teacher at a middle school and works with handicapped and mentally challenged children. Randy plays several instruments and serves as a worship leader, keyboardist, singer, wherever God leads him to serve, Randy and his wonderful wife Raelene both love God and both serve him in many capacities.